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aff_yer_heid's Journal

Scottish humour community
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Scotland is a nation famous for many things: its culture, its language, its history, its booze... and inventing damn near everything.
This community, however, is dedicated to celebrating our unique national humour. Scotland has a unique and rich national funnybone, which led to the design and construction of our Parliament (currently falling tae bits.)
Post here if you have a morsel of Scottish humour to share: did you write a poem in Scots? Did you overhear a conversation between two auld dears oblivious to their own hilarity? Did the Big Yin say something that made ye pee yer pants? Hear somone hurl an amusingly abusive Scotticism at a referee? Do you like the Irn Bru Cuckoo? Or do you just think the word "Jobbies" is inherrently gigglesome?
Well, tell us aboot it!

Few wee rules: No serious English-bashing. A wee bit leg-pulling will be tolerated; out-and-out racism will not. Remember: we don't hate them... we just want them to lose at all major sporting events!*

No racism: remember we're all Jock Tamsen's bairns!

There's a difference between seeing the funny side of sectarianism and making offensive sectarian remarks. If you don't know the difference, don't go there.

There's a line between leg-pulling and personal abuse. If you can't stay on the right side of it, stay away. Play nice!

I cannae stand authoriy figures: please don't make me become wan! I'd dearly love to keep my mod-stick in it's box here, people.

Lastly, please don't be discouraged from joining the party if you're not Scottish. I'd love to have you here!!!

* Except cricket. Then we don't give a fuck.
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